Outreach & Missions

Guest House

Every first Friday, ministers of our congregation visit with The Guest House of Milwaukee (providing shelter, housing, education and services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose.), delivering a word of encouragement and hope to those in need.


Specific women who are ministers of Unity Gospel House of Prayer, who perform good deeds and support to other women who are members and may have entered a storm in their life and are in need.

Hands that Care

Taking one day out of the week to spend a little time with members that are Senior (or elderly), or in nursing homes. The purpose of “Hands that Care” is not to take the place of the family, but simply to bring a familiar face from our members’ church home. It’s one hour, with a home cooked meal (lunch or dinner) in hand, the word of God in our hearts and a smile on our faces! Our mission is to serve our elderly through the Spirit of the Lord!

Turkey Drive

This is an annual event sponsored by Unity and other local church businesses, to provide 100 families a turkey and the accompanying sides for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Prison Ministry

Reaching out to family members of the congregation who may have loved ones incarcerated, continuously spreading the Word of God through post cards and letters.

Street Witnessing

Spreading the Word of God by foot, compelling people to submit their lives unto the Lord and to become an attendant of a congregation; while Unity may not be their congregation of choice, expressing the importance of assembling in the Spirit of truth is very important to our lives, wherever they decide to go. The point is to go!

Clothing/backpack drive

This is an annual community event to provide donated clothing and backpacks to all in need, typically occurring the first weekend of August.

Mammogram bus

In association with breast cancer awareness, and in partnership with Columbia/St. Mary’s Hospital Unity hosts the pink mammogram bus for women to obtain free screenings.

Health and Wellness

In partnership with Columbia/St. Mary’s community health and wellness, Unity hosts events to keep our community aware and healthy; this includes free blood pressure/diabetes screenings, healthy heart, natural family planning and other events.